Welcome to the new Craft section of the Flying Pigs Campfire Songbook. Below are a selection of crafts you might like to try - they are primarily for people Beaver and Cub age.

At the moment there are only a few, but we hope to upload many more as time permits, and also to find some way of categorizing them - at the moment they are in alphabetic order.

2007Dove     3D Turtles     Acoli Hut     BagHanger    
Balancing Plates     Batty Bat     Bead Dragonfly     BeadDragonflies    
BeadPeople     Beaver Mask     Bonsai Tree     Brass Rubbing    
BuddhistMan     Bug Corkboard     Bugs     CandleMaking    
Card Fan     Cat Door Hanger     CatCoaster     CeramicPainting    
Cheerleader Pom-poms     Chick     Clown Hat     Clown Mask    
Computer Bugs     ConePuppet     Crocodile     Door Plaque    
Drum     Elephant Box     Elephant Mask     Embossing    
EncausticArt     Fantasy Film     Feather Fan     FlowerCoaster    
FlyingSpaceship     Flying Saucer     Foam Caterpillar     FoamFlyer    
FoamKeyrings     Folded Bat     ForkFlowers     FriendshipBook    
FriendshipBracelet1     FriendshipBracelet2     FriendshipBracelet3     Friendship Stick    
Frog Door Hanger     Frog     Gilwell Spider     GilwellSpider    
GiraffeNoteCard     Giraffe Box     Giraffe Card     Glass Etching+T    
Glass Etching     GlassEtching     Glass Etching     Glass Etching Designs 1    
Glass Etching Designs 2     Hama Beads     HangingWallPocket2     HeartCoaster    
Hippo Card     Hoop Aeroplane     Hot Air Balloon     JigsawHeart    
Juggling Balls     Kite     Kitten Mask     Leather Stamping    
Lei2     Lion 3d     Lion Mask     Lion Tamer    
LollyStickFish     Lollypop Note Holder     LolyStickNoticeboard     Magazine Beads    
Marble Painting     Marble Sun Catcher     Marbling     MinatureIndianHeaddress    
Mini Light Torches     MiniDreamCatcher     Mini Besoms     Monkey Door Hanger    
Panpipe Straws     Paper Plate Hanger     PaperPlateLeprechaun     PaperPlateSheep    
PaperPlateSwan     Paper Plate Bauble     Paper Beads     Paperfold Kite    
PartyMask     PeckingBird     PegCoaster     Peg Coasters    
PinwheelHelicopter     PomPomPegAnt     Pom Pom Bats     Pony Beads    
Pyrography     Quilling     Recycled Mini Trees     Rngmaster    
Rocking Yachts     RopeMaking     Rosette     Safari Man    
SailCars     Sand Candle     Screen Printing     Secret Diary    
ShapedFlowers     Silk Painting     Silk Templates 1     Silk Templates 2    
Silk Painting     Silk Templates     Silver Charms     Snake    
SnowmanCoster     SoapCarving     Soap Carving     SpaceSpinner    
Spirelli Weaving     Springy Snake     Stone Painting     Straw Stars    
Stress Ball     StressBalls     String Ball     SunMoon    
Sun Badge     Sundial     TeaBagFold     Teddy Bear Hanger    
ThreeTierCards     Tie Bookmark     Tie Dye     TigerMask    
Tissue Tiger     Toucan     Turksheadwoggle     Wetnstick Noodles    
WindChimes     WindSpinner     Windmill     Wired Frog    
WiseOldOwl     Wish Beads     Wood Burning     Wool Spiders